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Preview pages from ""Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism"

Inside this book you will find:

•Information about Bill Wilson the founder of AA, and Dr. Hoffer, a well known biochemist. They used a program very similar to the one I outline. They released thousands of people from alcoholism, depression and anxiety. My research and findings go one step further to include reversal of nearly all disease.

•How to identify if you are an alcoholic/sugarholic or may become one.

•Education on how you became an alcoholic, sugarholic, or sick with nearly any of the diseases affecting many in society today.

•Education on the diet, herbs, and supplements that will assist in reversing alcoholism and most other diseases.

•Five different stories of hope from those who have recovered from alcoholism. The stories reveal their moment of enlightenment, and desire to be become sober again.

Introduce you to your electric energy body and how it is negatively impacted by alcohol, drug abuse and chronic illness along with how to support and heal it.

•Explains the possible curse associated to alcoholism which is most likely the MTHFR gene disorder. Not to worry I teach you how to live well naturally with it.

•Considers possible entity attachments being acquired through excessive drinking. They can interfere with your desire to be sober, making it even more challenging. A couple of top psychics and energy workers offer their insight to this message. I address how to remove them.

•In addition to the diet, herbs and supplements needed to recover for the physical body, I also outline the metaphysical and spiritual tools an alcoholic can utilize to obtain and sustain sobriety, through their spiritual energy body.

•These tools include:


•Essential oils



I lightly touch on the topic of the energy body. I show you what the energy of a sick person or alcoholic looks like, before and after using prayer, herbs, essential oils or gems stones.

I am a researcher, certified holistic health consultant, and alchemist. An alchemist works to fix and align the energy body through prayer, forgiveness, thought adjustment, intentions, herbs, essential oils, gems stones, color, art, and nature.


This book is dedicated in loving memory to my brother John J. O’Neill Jr., October, 8th 1952-August 25th 2010, and my Uncle George Benson, May of 1918 to the summer of 1986. Both of them died from alcoholism, which is really just a food allergy that gets out of hand. They were only lacking  simple enzymes.

The truth and remedy for this disorder was available during the time they suffered and died from the allergy. Why the apparent cure never reached them through AA or their medical doctors is told in the book. Just how sad and upsetting is that! They were both very intelligent and wonderful people.

Help me to spread the word. It is up to us because it appears the truth is being intentionally squelched as many suffer daily. This missing or low enzyme is responsible for just about every sickness you can think of, including alcoholism.

All works are trademarked and copyright protected, March 28, 2017.


Pay attention to the definition and etymology of the word “alcoholism”. Etymology means the root meaning and source of the word. For in it is the reason the book is called Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism TM

Dr. Rachel Hajar, modern-day editor and medical advisor, found dual meanings for the word “alcohol” in ancient Arabic texts.:

1.  ALKOL: Genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes or supernatural creatures in Arabic Mythology.

2.  ALKOL: Any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it.

Further digging in various sources shows that historical alchemists would put plants into alcohol to release the medicinal properties, (essence or spirit of the plant) into the alcohol. This is also how modern-day tinctures are made. Though in drinking alcohol, the human can release their spirit into the alcohol also leaving the person open to possession of the spirit of the plant and/or familiar spirits which the Bible and other ancient texts speak of.

Some ancient folk speak of this and state this is why, when people are intoxicated, their spirit has left their body and a malicious spirit can enter. Really, any Earth-bound or astral spirit can enter at this time.

Some references state that the spirit of the plant itself can take control of the human form once released from its plant state. This makes me laugh as a visual. Most drunks do look like a walking and talking potato plant trying out their new sea legs on land and muttering their first words.

That could be a reason why different types of alcohol can give you a different kind of high if you were so inclined to believe in such things.

You may find some make you sleepy, happy, sad, outgoing or downright nasty.

Even a person who is not an alcoholic can attest to this, though the alcoholic does not have the spiritual defense mechanism to keep the spirits away via an important enzyme they are missing due to their genetic makeup.

Some cultures who suffer this curse are the Irish, German, Northern Alps people, Croatians, Hungarians, Russians, some Chinese and the Native Americans. Probably over 30 percent of the population is affected by the MTHFR gene disorder and suffers alcoholism through it. This most likely has to do with a sulfate and oxalate imbalance  which disrupts your body's switching system. The switch that breaks in you is the one that says you have had enough.

This is repairable.

I just thought it would be interesting to share this with you just in case there is any truth to the ancient meaning of the word alcohol. Either way your spiritual defense is here. In the words to follow, you will be given the antidotal wisdom to insure you will not be taunted by or consumed by the spirits of alcohol moving forward, nor open to any possession of lower beings that can alter your reasoning and rob your health.

Alcoholism is really a food allergy due to  missing enzymes in your physical biology.

•Eliminate a few foods and beverages

•Balance your gut flora

•Add a few herbs and nutritional supplements and you are ready to go!

How do I know?

My name is Margaret Gegenheimer and I am a researcher and certified Holistic Health Consultant known for my ability to assist people in finding the root cause to their physical or spiritual problems.

For over 25 years I helped people find the root cause for their disease and almost all roads lead to Rome… a sick gut with unhealthy stomach flora.

I have a small farm and harvest wild-crafted herbs to use in soaps. In doing so, what fell in my lap was a soap that assisted people in regaining their lost hair. I did not know why it was working, so I researched the herbs and found that they are the very same herbs that reduce a substance in the body responsible for hair loss. I dug further and put all the knowledge I found into a book for people using my hair care product. (

They would ask “Will I have to use this product forever?” and now I could answer, “Yes, unless you get your internal functions running clean again, you most likely will.”  Almost all chose to clean up their internal functions.

The book taught the 5 Easy Steps to Naturally Regain Wellness, along with explaining the 23 reasons a person can lose their hair and the 18 options to help reverse it. When I finished that book, I decided the information had to reach a much larger audience because the root cause to most diseases are the very same that make people lose their hair.

In all of this, there was one underlying pervasive culprit to ill health, and that was stomach yeast that grew out of control. There are a few reasons why yeast can grow out of control which I cover in this book, and there was a correlation to a lack of enzymes in people who lost their hair, got cancer, had auto immune disorders, or were alcoholics.

Scientists know that alcoholics process alcohol differently than others because of an enzyme they are missing due to a genetic hiccup most likely the MTHFR gene disorder. They are searching for a way to patent a synthetic form of the enzyme so they can make it a drug to treat alcoholics.

I followed a hunch that if alcoholics were to eat a diet very similar to the one I now realized would help hair to grow back, that it would assist them in no longer having the craving to drink alcohol. And you know what? Bingo!!! I was right. Now here you are reading the third book Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism. TM


Success begins on the first day. People are able to go from morning until evening without the need to consume alcohol. Clarity of thought, calmer nerves, a strong positive outlook, and a healthier-feeling body greets them in the mirror each day.

It takes 45 days to build new neurological pathways in your brain when learning something new or creating a new habit. Do your best to remain diligent for 45 days. Your new way of being should take root and stay with you for as long as you desire it to.

Your body and brain will need some repair time. Allow for three months while working with the wisdom herein, some may need longer. The people in AA say that it takes one month for every year you suffered the allergy to rebuild your brain and body. That may be so, though I feel with proper nutrition and supplementation this time frame can be shortened considerably. You will be your own best judge of how clear and strong you feel.


Alcoholics Anonymous states in their literature that the founders have known since the conception of AA that alcoholism is an allergic reaction. It amazes me that more has not been done through the years to help the people overcome the allergy.

My cousin who used AA to overcome his addiction (allergy/curse) and has been clean for 10 years told me that their success rate is only between 5 to 10 percent. It is hard to calculate the exact percentage given the way people come and go in the meeting rooms. I am thrilled to be able to offer this research to all those white-knuckling the meetings and to their leaders. I am sure once the antidotal wisdom is applied, AA’s success rate will increase in great numbers exponentially.

The 5 to 10 percent who do succeed in AA seem to be the ones who had a huge rattling and shaking of the soul to awaken them and pretty much scare them straight. It may very well be the spirit of God being bigger than the spirit of the alcohol. That would go along with the term “having the fear of God brought into you” to scare the mischievous spirits away. We know from research in neuroscience that the most profound changes to one’s mind come from a higher power access point in the brain.

These people, for the most part, still needed the meetings and support received to make it where they are today. Even though the wisdom given in this book will make NOT drinking a whole lot easier, you will still need professional help and support as you sort through the mess you made while suffering the allergy/curse.

To wake up clear-minded and see the aftermath of the tornado that swept through your life can be a little harsh. You will need some cheering on to pick up the pieces and build a new and grander life than ever before. This may include recognizing codependent partners, or partners who actually benefit from your lack of clear-mindedness and would like to keep you loopy, as in a partner who still drinks and wants to drink with you, or a partner who likes to blame all of their problems on your drinking.

Some partners may have made a mess of the finances or took money from accounts for personal use while you were away in your fog, and they really don’t want you to ever have a clear mind to recognize this and call them on it. Then there is the good old victim/rescuer syndrome where your partner likes to be the rescuer and you are the perfect victim. These are areas where many unwittingly relapse, so don’t let the mess scare you. Hold a vision of something beautiful to build on and it will be yours.


I feel it is important that you look up the words narcissist and sociopath. Both of these personalities are not curable and usually come as a package set. Their brain is literally wired this way. The scientists have proved this by studying and mapping the brain with thermal imaging. They are people who can never truly care for anyone other than themselves.

So you are a very worthwhile person and may just have been around individuals only able to care for themselves which left you sad, confused and scratching your head. These personality types are also very cunning, charming, manipulative and pathological liars. They can weave an awesome web of lies that nearly anyone could believe. They are so good at it that they often even believe their own lies.

The most astute of counselors and law enforcement get hoodwinked by them, let alone an unknowing parent, sibling, child or partner. They are very good at blaming others when things go wrong as to not take on any responsibility for their actions or lack of them. They are very good at trying to make others feel small, stupid and unworthy. This is their way of looking better than you and making themselves appear as top dog in any situation.

This type of individual can be a drinking trigger for an alcoholic or non-alcoholic if you are unaware of their sinister charms. Should you recognize anyone like this in your relationships, just steer clear; take a cleansing breath of relief that you recognized it and move on.

I am thinking that most alcoholics are empaths (the complete opposite of a sociopath/narcissist) and may be very open to possession by a plant spirit, earthly elemental, spiritual entity or possibly the worst possession of all, that of a human thought form possession by a manipulating sociopath. An empath is wired to feel up to thirty percent of what others are feeling in their body and their mind. As a rule, they are very intuitive, nurturing, compassionate, and known as the “touchy-feely” type. They are by nature people pleasers and givers. They often wind up in relationships with narcissists who are seldom pleased and are always wanting more attention or to be the center of attention to feel gratified.

Interacting with mind energy is just like touching anything else with your hands. Residue of what you touched is always left behind. Your spirit goes around touching everything every day; it, too, should be washed off regularly.

A narcissistic sociopath can, through mind manipulation, live through you and control what you say, do, who you speak with and choices you make. They get to live two lives: yours and theirs. They are the most gluttonous, uncompassionate and ungrateful individuals to roam the Earth. There is a spectrum of this personality type from mild, average to severe. They can be doctors, surgeons, lawyers, politicians, principals and receptionists you could swear had no soul. Then there are those who like to tear the wings off of butterflies and set puppies on fire. The worst are those who like to torture and kill people that you see depicted on television.

To recognize what type of person you may have had relationships with as a parent, sibling, or partner may undo many of your self-doubt issues and assist in your recovery. Mental health professionals can help you here. In addition, remember these individuals are very controlling and manipulating. Those who drink can be easily manipulated, so it is really a perfect match-up until you regain your senses. It is important for you to keep in mind that a narcissist/sociopath can be played with by a tormenting spirit, too.


It is time to continue on with another topic of importance. If you were allergic to shellfish and you went to a Shellfish Anonymous meeting where people could not seem to stay away from eating it, you would note the room filled with people itching and gasping for breath with closed throats. What they really need is a good antihistamine to calm the reaction. Once you can breathe again and the itching stops, you will better receive the support the leaders have to offer. That is what the enzyme wisdom you will learn offers: a calming down of your spirit and the releasing of one that does not belong there.

I am sure it would feel great to redefine yourself from an alcoholic to one who has a severe food allergy to fermented beverages. If you find yourself at an event where others are consuming alcohol and you are offered a drink, you can now say, “No thank you, I am allergic to alcohol and it makes me very sick.” People will respect that and not taunt you to join in with them.

I am so excited to offer this wisdom to you and to medical and mental health professionals. A new day has dawned for all receptive to this information. This is the gift for you that God showed me to free you from the curse of alcoholism. You can count your lucky stars!

Welcome to the information that will enable you to Break the Curse of Alcoholism for yourself with far greater ease, and to expedite your recovery period with your mental health professionals.


My maiden name is O’Neill, my father’s mother was a Smith and I had cousins named Lapsley. For the most part, they were all a fine bunch of fun-loving drunks! My mother’s side was Austrian/Hungarian and the curse did not miss most of them either.

Somehow, by the grace of God, the gene missed me; though my father and brothers had it. Maybe it skipped me because I was the one sent to find the root cause of the curse of Alcoholism and how to reverse it to set you all free!

Maybe this is my dharma, life purpose, legacy. Maybe I was at one time the ancient alchemist who set the curse and now I am here to give you the Antidotal Wisdom to Reverse the Curse of Alcoholism for yourself.

I am 60 years old currently, so I am not patting myself on the back for speed in delivery here! Since my early twenties, I have had interests in spirituality, spiritual and emotional healing, learning how to restore a body to wellness through nutrition, herbs, essential oils, the power of our thoughts and intentions, and bringing balance to the energy body; and I became very adept at all of them.

I call myself a modern-day alchemist because I have learned how to turn pain to comfort, sadness to joy and despair to hope in the body, the mind and the spirit. All three must always be addressed to have a full healing take root.

It has been a very long, but interesting, road reading hundreds of books, practicing many modalities, and taking many courses. I have lived through being the child of an alcoholic parent, the sister to alcoholic brothers, and the niece and cousin to all of my alcoholic relatives.

God kept me straight and strong so that I could watch and experience all of the pain it caused. I lived to watch my father, one brother and cousin release themselves from the curse, and I watched one brother and uncle die from the curse. For the most part, he who did not die from alcohol died from cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Remember that link to balding, cancer and alcoholism--it is key here. Missing enzymes lead to alcoholism.

My entire family were and are wonderful people when sober, some funny or quiet when drunk, and others extremely nasty. I loved them all for who I knew their soul essence was and I hold no grudges or resentments toward any of them. Only pity and the desire to help, and I pass that onto you, too!

So my greatest feat to date as an alchemist is to assist the alcoholic to stay sober through applied knowledge and wisdom. I, unfortunately, cannot break the curse on my own. Only you can by utilizing the knowledge I give you. Most alcoholics are extremely intelligent, so I have a lot of faith in your ability to do this. Many others have already easily broken the curse for themselves.

When my father passed away from cancer in 2004, one of my Lapsley cousins came to the funeral. He said he came just to see me, to thank me because he had been sober for over 15 years because of me. When his brother died 15 years prior, it was to an alcohol-related accident. I rode with him to his brother’s grave site, a good 35 minutes away from the funeral home.

I chewed his ear off the whole way there and the whole way home on how his brother’s death should not be in vain. That his senseless and early death should serve a higher purpose, to be the motivation for a life well-lived for the living in his family and to stop drinking to honor his brother. I told him to be sober and to take his brother everywhere he goes in spirit so that his brother’s spirit could live through his earthly experiences with him.

My cousin said he took to heart every word and never touched a drop again. He said his marriage became wonderful, his children flourished, he traveled and lived well. He gave me a huge hug and a kiss and said thank you again and left.

Now you have a choice: either you want me to chew your ear off and rattle your spirit to your bones, or you can follow the wisdom offered here to make this whole curse-breaking thing a whole lot easier on you!


Break the Ancient Curse of Alcoholism with these A B C ‘s:

•Awareness and Education on the Allergy/Curse

•Beware of the Foods and Beverages that Aggravate Your Allergy/Curse

•Consume Foods and Supplements That Alleviate the Allergy/Curse

Chapter One: The Alcoholic with the Food Allergy

This book addresses the alcoholic, explains the chemistry of the alcoholic, and teaches how to bring the chemistry back into balance in order to remove the desire to consume fermented beverages.

You are just a few short steps away from being free of the devastating cycle of chronic drinking.

I know firsthand that many alcoholics spend hours in counseling with professionals digging into their past trying to find an emotional demon that makes them want to drink. This act alone makes the individual question their worth and sanity and can make the problem even worse.

Searching one’s soul for the reason they lack the desire to be clear-minded and sober can actually create a problem that never even existed in the first place. A big blessing in this program is…you are a beautiful soul and no longer need to go chasing after an emotional demon in order to get well. It all stems from missing enzymes.

I found the demons for you. They are a yeast colony that overtakes your body and your mind due to the enzymes that are missing in your body. This lowers your overall energy field and leaves you open to the spirit from the plant the alcohol was made from, the spirit of the yeast overgrowing in your body, and possible other entities. Most importantly  the missing enzymes led to your switch to malfunction. The one that tells you that you have had enough to drink.

No more wasting your time and money on a wild goose chase. In most cases the root cause for alcoholism are missing enzymes that allows for the organisms in your stomach to create a little brewery that demands to be fed. The main demon is yeast and it can be brought back down to manageable levels with diet and herbs. The individual will regain control of their body, their mind, and their life.

The reasoning offered for the cause of the disease also helps to clear up a lot of damage that was most likely done to all relationships while the alcoholic battled their weakness (food allergy/curse).

It was all caused by a food allergy. For many (not all) the root cause was not a lack of care for oneself or a lack of love for a spouse, children, parents, siblings or business associates.

For some, a lack of self-worth may cause the temptation to drink as a way to ease the sadness of feeling less than whole. Others may need to calm down because they are overstimulated by emotions and events around them or things that are out of their control. But the true alcoholic cannot stop drinking because of the food allergy/curse, not the lack of self-worth or need for calm. Just about every alcoholic I have ever known was one of the best souls you would ever want to meet when they were sober--the salt of the earth who would give you the shirt off their back.

Even people who are not alcoholics have insecurities, emotional hiccups and bad feelings they harbor. These issues should and can be easily resolved. So work on them when clean. Just know they are not the root cause of your desire to drink should you have the cursed allergy.

It is my pleasure to assist in returning a beautiful life back to the tormented and those they love.

You may be one of many who has this drinking problem due to a missing enzyme or gene sequence. Ridding excess yeast from your body while eliminating sugars, carbohydrates and alcohol from your diet is step one on your journey to wellness.

Please understand: alcoholics should not drink alcohol at all ever again once the allergic reaction (excessive drinking) clears, because it aggravates the food allergy by creating more systemic yeast which will cause the body to demand more fermented beverages and sugars again.

I do believe I know which herbs carry this missing enzyme the.  I feel they are the very same enzymes found in herbs that break down the shellac coating around yeasts, funguses and viruses so they can be destroyed by the immune system and eliminated. Consuming these herbs, along with following a specific diet protocol, seems to be just the ticket that releases many from the curse of alcoholism.

Vitamin B3/niacin is the main missing enzyme responsible for most all disease, including alcoholism. Your body needs this enzyme to flush your cells of yeast, funguses, bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins (alcohol is a toxin to your body when consumed in large quantities). Once your body has a yeast overgrowth it will no longer make taurine an important amino acid for environmental clean up. The catch here is, without taurine your body can no longer make B3/niacin. This is where most people enter the tailspin of progressive disease. Take heart I know how to fix this and I will show you in the pages to follow.

Truthfully, I do feel that alcoholism may be a curse placed on the ancient Irish to destroy their ability to rule with great strength and wisdom. There is an old saying that goes, “If the Irish did not drink, they could and would rule the world.” With O’Neill being my maiden name, I can see some real truth in that statement! At one time we ruled the north of Ireland for over 1200 years!

Who placed the curse? My intuition says it was the alchemists of ancient Egypt that made the very first fermented grog. I think they knew the Irish were missing the enzymes to properly break down fermented beverages and the beverages would overcome their reasoning abilities. Now this is just sheer speculation and a hunch on my part, though having the antidotal wisdom to break this ancient curse is very exciting.

The gates to this hell, known only to people of certain genetic backgrounds, have now been blown wide open with brilliant wisdom. Be it an ancient curse set by dubious alchemists of old, or just a boring old missing enzyme I may have uncovered through my research, the final outcome appears to be freedom from the haunting urge to drink.

I just may know the exact enzyme, and I do know what will clean up the damage that the lack of it has caused and assist you in acquiring a state of being that no longer is compelled to drink alcohol. In my book, that (spells) freedom…

If you had an allergy to strawberries, you would break out in itchy hives all over your body. After this happens to you once, your desire to have a strawberry again would probably be very minimal. If you had an allergy to shellfish, your throat would close and you would not be able to breathe. I am sure your desire for having shellfish again would not taunt you.

Your allergy actually calls for you to have more of it because a living organism inside of you is demanding to be fed. You can easily get that organism under control and be master of it.

From this day forward, you must look at your allergy curse to fermented beverages and foods the same way as if you had a strawberry or shellfish allergy. It will cause you equal discomfort for a much longer period of time if ingested again. And remember, you may be prone to having the spirit of the plant used to make the alcoholic drink take on a walking form through you should there be any truth to that whole alchemy thing.

Being a modern day alchemist of sorts, I do seem to have the knack to assist most people in re-growing their hair.

A diet very similar to the one used to help restore hair loss may very well be what breaks this curse of alcoholism for you or your loved one. The results of that alchemy can be seen by visiting

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