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Immediate Relief~Control Support~ Relapse Prevention for the Alcoholic

need not cost you thousands of dollars

When you are tired of the battle to put down the drink or of being sick and tired, losing your hair or dealing with stubborn weight loss call me and I will give you the knowledge you need to be free of your  physical misery.

I offer private educational classes and or two phenomenal books to quickly assist you to regain your good health.

 "EasilyBreak the Curse of Alcoholism"

for only $26.00

 The book teaches in detail the chemical biology of the alcoholic, what systems are out of balance and how to bring everything into proper working order, in a way that has never been explained to you before.

   Easily Leave Behind Your Cravings for Sugar or Alcohol, increase your stamina, think clearer and start feeling better while

  Breaking the Cycles of Dis~ease in your body very quickly

  • This is about eating right, removing foods from your diet that aggravate your symptoms and sickness while making sure you have all of the nutrients you need to maintain good health

This is an Easy to Follow System to Naturally Regain your Wellbeing and or your Sobriety

It works like a charm!

Alcoholics obtain control the first day and people with immune related sickness notice major improvements in the first to second week.

This is about you being as healthy as possible.

  • Alcoholism, sugar cravings, chronic depression, anxiety and auto immune diseases are a reaction that stems from unhealthy gut flora that is further weakened by carbohydrates, sugar, fermented foods, beverages and anti-biotic use
  •   People most prone are low in B3/Niacin and other essential B vitamins. Nearly 50 percent of the population has a form of the MTHFR gene disorder.
  • This means you do not have the proper digestive enzymes to breakdown your food or the ability to properly assimilate your B vitamins. This causes a large domino effect that dismantles your immune system
  • I will cover one of the key B vitamins below
  •  B3/niacin is really an enzyme. It was discovered in the late 1950s while looking for the cure for Pellagra.

    Q. What is the function of niacin as per the National Institute for Health, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Maryland Medical Center?

    A. It is water soluble and helps the digestive system to convert food into energy by breaking down fats, protein and carbohydrates. It is important for your brain function, helps to remove toxins from the liver, supports the proper growth of hair, eyes and skin, and helps to lower blood pressure.

    Niacin also lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while boosting good HDL levels. Necessary for a healthy metabolism it also supports proper glucose levels, which helps to prevent or treat diabetes. It is a terrific antifungal and has been proven to help people with bi-polar, schizophrenia, anxiety, memory problems, attention deficit disorders, depression, insomnia, and to overcome alcoholism dependence.

    Over 400 enzymes in the body need the co-enzymes derived from niacin, and it is responsible for the passing of electrons from cell to cell.

    It has also been shown to help increase joint mobility as it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Niacin has also been shown to prevent erectile dysfunction because it helps to increase blood flow. In addition it is involved in making a bodily system compound to manufacture sex and adrenal hormones.

    Niacin acts as an anti-oxidant in the body and is important for cellular communication and the making and repairing of DNA.

    This is just one of the B vitamins addressed in the books I have written for you or in a class I offer

  •            The antidotal wisdom provided for you

    • Assists you in naturally overcoming:

    • The MTHFR gene disorder

    •  depression

    • anxiety

    • PTSD

    • mood swings

    • ADHD

    •  high blood sugar

    • high blood pressure

    • high cholesterol

    • fat metabolism issues

    • inflammation issues

    • hormonal imbalances

    • intestinal issues

    • allergy and asthma issues

    • chronic lung issues

    • chronic viral issues

    • memory and focus issues

    • hair loss issues

    • sugar cravings

    • alcohol cravings

    • chronic sicknesses and disease

    • Find out more about

    •  the Missing Link to Sobriety and Good Health

    The master enzymes and vitamins needed to keep your body clean and operating properly

  • Learn how to replenish and repair your body
  • Easily leave behind the desire to consume alcohol or to eat sweets on the first day!
  •  While on Your Whole Body Restoration System
  • offers
  •  Uplifting and Motivational Support
  •   Nutritional Education
  •  to those wanting a simple recovery from sickness and or alcoholism
  • Easily Break The Cycle of Sickness and or Alcoholism
  •  Need more support?
  • Organize or request a meeting in your area
  • " There is a ten person attendee minimum to arrange this"
  • Set up a private education class for yourself
  • Sessions can be held via phone or video chat
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  • 973-714-4204

    Alcohol Allergy Awareness ~ Recovery Meetings

    Education Dissemination


    Alcoholism is caused by  missing enzymes in your body chemistry.

    Bill Wilson the founder of AA was aware of one of the key enzymes.

    This missing enzyme leads people to anger, anxiety, depression and ADD issues.

    Bill Wilson had already become sober and founded AA when he met Dr. Hoffer, a biochemist and MD.

    Dr. Hoffer treated Bill with the missing enzyme via vitamin supplementation because Bill still suffered from depression and anxiety though he had stopped consuming alcohol.

    What Bill experience was great relief. His anxiety and depression left him.

    He wanted to share this discovery with everyone in AA but the bylaws and the doctors who sat at the head of the board of AA prevented him from doing so.

    Tradition Six- An A.A. group ought never to endorse, finance, or lend the A.A. name to any related facility or outside enterprise; least problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

    Tradition Ten-Alcoholic Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never to be drawn into public controversy.

     Thousands of people had been cured of the desire to drink, anxiety, depression and mood disorders with Dr. Hoffer's knowledge.

    The AMA would never run their own double blind studies to approve the protocol for doctors to administer.

    When you attend AAARMED meetings or purchase the book " Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism " the missing enzymes are covered in detail.

    With just Diet, Herbs and Supplements You Can Set Yourself Free

    Call 973-714-4204

    Order your copy of the book "Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism" in our online store today!

    Once you have set yourself free offers uplifting self improvement/ motivational classes.

    “Long time alcoholics are experiencing rapid results in being able to not drink with ease. I do believe I have found the Antidotal Wisdom needed to break this ancient curse named Alcoholism.”

    Margaret M. Gegenheimer

    Researcher, Author, Certified Holistic Health Consultant and Educator of Natural Healing Modalities

    Find out how you got so sick and how to reverse it 

    Most people suffering from alcoholism, sugar cravings or have been chronically ill from a young age were most likely born low in B3/Niacin and or the MTHFR gene disorder and could not properly process vital b vitamins.

    This created a chain reaction of events in your chemistry that made a non-ending cycle of disease.

    I know how to stop it and offer you the knowledge to restore your wellbeing

    Our Services

    If you need additional services, please contact us in the form at the bottom of the page.

     "Godsend" a herbal tincture in a glycerin base that increases your energy field and balances your energy centers within moments. Rich in natural B complex and the Key enzymes that must be present for good health to be established and maintained in your body.

    Offers Nutritional and Energy Field Body Reinforcement to individuals recovering from their alcohol allergy , sugar addiction or sickness.

    $55.00 for 4 fluid ounces.

    Available for purchase in our online store

    We offer education on how low B3/niacin and the other B vitamins create most all disease in the body including alcoholism and how to reverse it. Call for a private educational consult or to see where group educational meetings are being held.

    Private classes are $150.00 for a 1.5 hour lesson. Group classes are $35.00 for a 1.5 hour class. Call 973-714-4204 for classes and appointment availability.

    We offer motivational classes to keep your head in a good space as you rebuild a wonderful new life for yourself.

    We use proven methods from university studies involving the power of your thoughts and intentions.

    We teach you how powerful and magnificent you really are and how to bring about the best you.

    These are available in private or group settings.

    We offer key note speaker programs for your organization. They teach how to identify an alcoholic or budding alcoholic, sugarholic or one susceptible to chronic illness.

    How one slips into alcoholism, sugar cravings and sickness and how to pull back out of it, using diet,  herbs, and supplements.

    Preventative measures are taught if the low B vitamin gene is suspected or identified through blood work including the MTHFR gene disorder.

    We tell you what to look for and how to be pro-active for yourself or loved ones.

    You begin being proactive during pregnancy, while a child is an infant, adolescent, young adult to adult.

    A fascinating talk that changes lives for the better.

    Call for availability and booking. 973-714-4204


    What my students are saying

    I have found my higher power to becoming alcohol and disease free.

    It is through God and nutrition.

    Feeling clean, clear, and renewed.

    Anna C.

     My answered 3:oo AM call to Margret was led by an angel.

    I needed help to clean my body and clear my head. I have suffered for more than 50 years with a seizure disorder and a family history of alcoholism and addiction to avoid.

    My call was answered with immediate enthusiasm and clear guidance. Within a week my stomach felt settled and my focus sharpened. My energy level was remarkable.

    Now two weeks in following all of the guidance including using the Godsend tincture to start and close my day, and Margaret's spiritual enthusiasm to encourage me, my arthritis is greatly relieved and my days are fuller and more productive.

    I not only have more physical energy, but am calmer inside my body and my mind. With a comfortable gut and clear head I can make more sensible choices. I feel empowered to live in God's time, spend less time stressing over details and more time sharing my gifts.

    It is with a full heart I wish Margaret continued success with her books to spread her gift and passion to teach others how to be well naturally.


    When I met Margaret 12 years ago I was very weak with poor muscle strength and confined to a wheelchair, due to post polio syndrome. The doctors told me there was no treatment for this. I was introduced to Margaret through a friend who believed Margaret could help me.

    I was a  skeptic because of what the doctors had told me, depressed and resigned to my fate. However, after following a regimen that Margaret educated me on. I began to feel better within 24 hours. I very quickly found I no longer had to rely on my wheelchair, and felt myself getting stronger by the day. I was eventually able to return to work as a RN.

    It is now 12 years later, I still follow the same routine. I have not needed a wheelchair since, and pretty lead a full and active life.

    Margaret is one of the most sincere, caring and generous people I know. What she has done for me can never be repaid. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me my life back.


    There are many more fan mail letters like this covering all kinds of maladies. I chose to share these two. For the most part nearly all disease begins in the gut and generates the same degrading path of deteriorating health for most.

    By the grace of God, I was led to find the quickest path to set most on to regain their wellbeing quickly.

    Please feel free to call with any questions you may have before setting up your Good Health Ministries Education with me.


    I look forward to working with you.

    Margaret M. Gegenheimer

    We can arrange to meet in person, via phone or video chat.  973-714-4204

     I will be reading each chapter of my current book on the root cause to most all disease and living well with the MTHFR gene disorder as I complete each chapter.

    You can find them on my you tube channel by typing in Margaret Gegenheimer on You Tube. Go there like and subscribe and you will be notified as I add the latest chapter. Should you watch these videos please consider donating to  in my store on this website or making a purchase there.

    I make a topical cream or roll on from edible herbs that assists in taking most all pain away in about 11 seconds with long lasting relief. It is also very useful in quickly assisting in taking the red and itch out of eczema and psoriasis.

    I also make a soap that assists in quickly taking the pain and itch out of ivy rashes, bug, bee and mosquito bites which I call ... I Got Bit/It

    Last but not least the Holy Cow Hair and Body line products to assist in restoring lost hair.

    Thank you for your visit with me today...

    Visit and like my Facebook page

    Margaret M. Gegenheimer

    Public Figure

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