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diet, herbs and supplements can set you free

From the Introduction to the book

Easily Break The Curse Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, sugar addictions and most sicknesses are really a food allergy due to a missing enzyme in your physical biology.

•Eliminate a few foods and beverages

•Balance your gut flora

•Add a few herbs and nutritional supplements and you are ready to go!

How do I know?

My name is Margaret Gegenheimer and I am a researcher and certified Holistic Health Consultant known for my ability to assist people in finding the root cause to their physical or spiritual problems.

For over 25 years I helped people find the root cause for their disease and almost all roads lead to Rome… a sick gut with unhealthy stomach flora.

I have a small farm and harvest wild crafted herbs to use in soaps and in doing so what fell in my lap was a soap that assisted people in regaining their lost hair.

I did not know why it was working so I researched the herbs and found that they are the very same herbs that reduce a substance responsible for hair loss internally. I dug further and put all the knowledge I found into a book for people using my hair care product. (

They would ask “Will I have to use this product forever?” and now I could answer,

“Yes, unless you get your internal functions running clean again you most likely will”

Nearly everyone decides to take better care of themselves.

So, the book taught the 5 Easy Steps to Naturally Regain Wellness along with explaining the 23 reasons a person can lose their hair and the 18 options to help reverse it.

When I finished that book I decided that information had to reach a much larger audience because the root cause to most diseases are the very same that make people lose their hair.

In all of this there was one underling pervasive culprit to ill health and that was stomach yeast that grew out of control. There are a few reasons why yeast can grow out of control which I cover in this book. In it all there was a correlation to a lack of enzymes in people who lost their hair, got cancer, had auto immune diseases and were alcoholics. Scientists know that alcoholics process alcohol differently than others because of an enzyme they are missing due to a genetic hiccup., this hiccup may very well be related to the MTHFR gene disorder.

 They know what the enzymes are but they can patent it into a drug because it is a natural substance.

I followed a hunch and felt that if alcoholics followed a diet very similar to the one I now realized would help hair to grow back, that it would assist them in no longer having the craving to drink alcohol. And you know what? Bingo!!!

 I was right. Now here you are reading the third book Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism TM

From the first day, people are able to go about their day without the need to consume alcohol and everyday they become cleaner, with improved clarity of thought, calmer, stronger and healthier.

My findings are backed by Dr. Hoffer a medical doctor and biochemist, though my research is more complete.

Hi, My name is Margaret Gegenheimer and I am here to educate you on the reasons behind most all sickness and how to easily reverse it.

Researcher of natural healing modalities, certified holistic health consultant, author, teacher, public speaker.

When people take the wisdom I offer and apply it to their daily life, they find their lives and health improve quickly.

Benefit from my 25 years of research and call today!

My answered 3:oo AM call to Margret was led by an angel.

I needed help to clean my body and clear my head. I have suffered for more than 50 years with a seizure disorder and a family history of alcoholism and addiction to avoid.

My call was answered with immediate enthusiasm and clear guidance. Within a week my stomach felt settled and my focus sharpened. My energy level was remarkable.

Now two weeks in following all of the guidance including using the Godsend tincture to start and close my day, and Margaret's spiritual enthusiasm to encourage me, my arthritis is greatly relieved and my days are fuller and more productive.

I not only have more physical energy, but am calmer inside my body and my mind. With a comfortable gut and clear head I can make more sensible choices. I feel empowered to live in God's time, spend less time stressing over details and more time sharing my gifts.

It is with a full heart I wish Margaret continued success with her books to spread her gift and passion to teach others how to be well naturally.


When I met Margaret 12 years ago I was very weak with poor muscle strength and confined to a wheelchair, due to post polio syndrome. The doctors told me there was no treatment for this. I was introduced to Margaret through a friend who believed Margaret could help me.

I was a skeptic because of what the doctors had told me, depressed and resigned to my fate. However, after following a regimen that Margaret educated me on. I began to feel better within 24 hours. I very quickly found I no longer had to rely on my wheelchair, and felt myself getting stronger by the day. I was eventually able to return to work as a RN.

It is now 12 years later, I still follow the same routine. I have not needed a wheelchair since, and pretty lead a full and active life.

Margaret is one of the most sincere, caring and generous people I know. What she has done for me can never be repaid. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me my life back.


There are many more fan mail letters like this covering all kinds of maladies. I chose to share these two. For the most part nearly all disease begins in the gut and generates the same degrading path of deteriorating health for most.

By the grace of God, I was led to find the quickest path to set most on to regain their wellbeing quickly.

Please feel free to call with any questions you may have before setting up your Good Health Ministries Education with me.


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